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Welcome to Holtz!
With Holtz, you can play the abstract strategy games Zèrtz and Dvonn. Both of them are board games invented by Kris Burm, and are part of the GIPF project. Recently a third game called Relax was added. It is based on the board game "Take it easy" and can be played alone as well as with up to ten players.

Zèrtz:: The Game

Zèrtz is a board game similar sophisticated than chess. It is played by two players. The players alternatingly set or knock out pieces according to several rules and have to gain a certain amount of white, grey or black pieces to win.

Dvonn:: The Game

In Dvonn, the players form stacks according to several rules to capture the opponent's pieces without losing connection to the special DVONN pieces. The higher the stack, the faster it moves, so the tension increases until the very end...

Relax:: The Game

Relax is based on the game "Take it easy" and can be played alone as well as with up to 10 players. Pieces with color coded numbers are drawn at random and have to be placed on the board in a way that leads to the highest possible score. You can be sure, that things don't always work out as you wish...

Bloks:: The Game

Bloks is a strategic board game for two or four players. Every player has twenty-one differently shaped stones. Alternatingly, they place one of them on the board according to some simple rules until no space is left.

Holtz:: The Software

The program Holtz supports playing Zèrtz, Dvonn, Relax and Bloks offline against human or computer players, or on any network (e.g. the Internet).
There are various hints and help texts for beginners.
Holtz is available for Windows and Linux for free. Download and try it now!
Holtz was developed using the wxWidgets GUI library.
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by Martin Trautmann
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